The Design Process


  1. GARDEN CONCEPT PLAN - A Concept Plan is a basic plan of the overall garden. It will give the client an understanding of how the garden will be formed, identify major factors in the landscape such as swimming pools, decks and pergolas, hard and soft surface areas and recommendations for the planting schedule. The plan will be accompanied by evocative imagery and an estimation of construction costs.
  2. DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION (NOT ALL PROJECTS WILL REQUIRE THIS STEP) - If the job requires council approval (DA). A Development Application will need to be prepared using the Concept Plan provided by Outdoor Establishments. Any fees involved to produce the documentation required for submission to council or to make amendments to the concept plan in accordance with council requirements will be outlined by our design team. 
  3. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION -  Detailed and working construction plans of the entire job will be drawn specifically for major structures such as; swimming pools, decks and pergolas and for the overall set out of the project. This may also include garden lighting, drainage, finishes and planting plans. 
  4. COST TO BUILD (QUOTATION) - Once all construction documents are completed, Outdoor Establishments will provide the final Construction Quote to build your new garden. 

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